Project Dogface

Welcome to the Project Dogface introduction page.

Project Dogface is a new venture created and funded by BP Photography. The project provides tuition and equipment for animal rescue shelters and charities to produce quality images of the animals in their care. 

It has been shown that a more professional image of the animals in their care will greatly increase the chance of the animal being re-homed. Reducing the time spent in care.

The majority of images on re-homing charity websites are just quick snap shots and usually taken when the animal is not at its best. These images do not reflect the true characteristics of the animal needing re-homing.

The volunteers either do not have the time available or the skills and expertise to create these images to help the rescued animals. This is where Project Dogface comes to the aide.

We want to deliver this project to as many rescue shelters and charities as possible, regardless of location. We understand that this is an enormous task but it is a task we are prepared to take on. Project Dogface will first begin in Norway and the UK. When we get a good steady workflow then we will begin our expansion.

Funding of the project will be provided by Bryn Perrett Photography Landscape subscriptions, which can be found by clicking on the Landskapsfoto tab.


To add to this we will soon be launching a Kickstarter campaign to really help get Project Dogface off the ground.  We will also be doing as much fundraising activities as we can but we would also like to ask for you to share this information far and wide.

If you would like to donate that of course will be gratefully received, however; we would ask if you would either purchase a landscape download subscription or book a dog photoshoot.


That way you get something out of it too. Whatever help you can give will be gratefully received. There will be a lot more information added to Project Dogface over the coming weeks so keep checking back to see the progression and keep checking our social media channels.

Thanks for now.